Program Length: 3-4 yrs to earn a Masters Degree in this Applied Fine Arts  program

Location: Montreal, QC

Admissions Req: BFA or BA in Studio Art alone or in combination with Art History.

There is a GPA minimum for this applied fine arts program as well.

Highlight: Looking for a career path for Applied Fine Arts or to use that combination Fine Arts/Art History degree you already have? Consider looking into Concordia’s Applied Fine Arts Print Media Masters program! Rave reviews from students on the academic professionalism and quality of personal support from the faculty of this Montreal based applied fine arts program. Gain knowledge and experience that can help you grow both as an artist and as a research scholar. This university is equipped with a variety of studios (8 different labs listed!) from Lithography studios and Yellow Exposure room to Letterpress  Studio and Darkroom facilities, you’re sure to find what you need.  Understand the variety of ways and areas you can integrate your applied fine arts expertise through working with other artists! You can also get connected with different kinds and layers of applied fine arts professional and academic career opportunities in and around Montreal!

Cost: Approximately $18,600 CAN total for this Applied Fine Arts program (minimum 60 credits). 

May be slightly less for QC students and slightly more for international students. 

Note: (varies for QC residents or international students

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