People-powered Research

Program Length: Collect data for as long as you like or until the project ends and then feel free to start another!

Location: Wherever you have access to the internet

Admissions Req: INFO on HOW TO BE INVOLVED! All ages with interest welcome; Training for each project is provided.

Highlight: Get involved with the world’s largest people-powered research platform by recording data for ongoing real life research projects! Set up by a collaborative team of scientists in the US and UK. Projects can involve Space, Social Science, Biology, Physics, Nature, Medicine, Literature, Climate, History, Language, or the Arts! Some of the nearly 100 current offerings include classifying bat calls, examining hidden camera pictures of wildlife, reading civil war diaries of soldiers, and identifying possible galaxies.  In case you were wondering about how exactly the service hours credit works , click here . Fun, Free, Interesting, and Extremely convenient. Builds real skills and gives students insights into larger questions and a great way to be a part of answering them!

Financial: Free and from home!

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