Program Length: For middle school students the coding competition lasts five weeks (Summer). For high school students coding competition lasts 4 months (September through December).

Location: Online for all rounds except the finals! 

Admissions Req: Anyone in the middle and high school age group can join the coding competition! All you need to do to get started is a team of 5-20 students and a mentor!

Highlight: Robotics with a bit of a twist: Zero robotics is a  coding competition of the extreme sort aimed at middle and high school students with an interest in coding and maneuvering “satellites” to do particular things. This extremely unique coding competition gives students the opportunity to participate in solving a current problem of interest to NASA or MIT! Program cube-shaped satellites (ASTROBEES) to complete various game objectives — things like navigating and picking up objects all while staying within time and space limits… Oh and one more note: NO HANDS! That’s right students cannot use any remote controls– the Astrobees  function entirely based on your team’s  programming! Challenges for this coding competition are all online — so you don’t need to go anywhere — and are all organized by age. On top of that there are prizes for winners of every phase of the competition!   If you happen to make it to the finals, though, you would then have to travel a bit –to the JFK Space Center in Florida!  That’s because  finalists compete in a live coding competition onboard the ISS (yes… International… Space… Station!) How siiiick is that??  Plus, who better to judge this coding competition finale than a real live astronaut! Defs takes the idea of  gaming with friends to the next level!

Financial: The coding competition is free.

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