Program Length:

Two weeks in the summer (TiCS- Teens in Computer Science program)
Four weeks (YiPS – Youth in Physics Summer program)

Location: Online…but the program is coordinated through a particular US College/University

Admissions Req:

13-18 years old
Interested in Computer Science ( no prior experience required)
Applications will open around late February to early March
More information on curriculum topics will be released closer to the application date

13-18 years old
Interest in physics
Info on specific dates and university particulars coming soon***

Highlight: Are you a passionate student that is interested in immersing yourself into the opportunity of exploring different STEM topics? If that is the case, joining Youth Inventa is the right choice for you! This virtual program consists of two parts, youth in physics summer program (YiPS) and the teens in computer science program (TiCS). This TiCS program offers the opportunity for students to meet computer scientists and professors from schools across the U.S. Meanwhile YiPS members can virtually meet physicists and professors. Students must be 13-18 years old to apply to either program; YiPS lasts 4 weeks while TICS is just 2 weeks (at this time). This virtual program ensures that every student has access to resources about science. Students need no prior experience in physics to sign up and learn in YiPS. Peer collaboration is a big part of both programs. The Youth Inventa organizers themselves are high school students, and appreciate the importance of understandable exposure to resources… we have reached out to them and, although their info and dates ate not out quite yet, they are always super responsive to questions! If you’re interested in this virtual program make sure you check out the admission requirements, which include an online application as well as some detailed responses to short essay questions given by program organizers. This free program helps give students a broad but thorough overview of two fields of potential interest; it also allows them to interact with other like-minded peers  through interactive games, discussing data structures, and learning about real world applications.  At this moment the deadline of the application is yet to be determined, so keep an eye out for that, and we will also update and keep you posted so that you can plan to take advantage of one of both of these programs this coming summer!!

Financial: Free

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