Program Length: They offer Summer, Semester, or Year long cultural exchange programs.

Location: You can apply to do a cultural exchange in one of 70 partnering countries.

Admissions Req: There are programs for high school study and cultural exchange abroad (for 15 to 18 yo). There are Gap Year  and University study and volunteer abroad programs for adults 18-26. Students younger and older than specific cultural exchange program ages may also inquire and apply. Students are required to to meet B or C grade minimums for semester and summer cultural exchange programs respectively, and students must be in good physical and emotional health. Students with disabilities are encouraged to apply to be part of this cultural exchange program

Highlight: If you are a fan of traveling, learning new languages, and just learning more about other people and places, then this cultural exchange program may be for you. Youth for Understanding offers a few things that make it stand out from the cultural exchange program crowd... First, it’s a cultural exchange program that’s definitely all about you — meaning where you want to go and what you want to do when you get there! You don’t have to travel with a school group or with your parents, and you can opt to spend your time away in an area of special interest —  study dance, sports, art, environment, animals, theatre, music…in programs in countries they feature or even in a homestay that’s customized for you! Second, the organization is specifically designed and set-up to support your cultural exchange from the beginning —  they offer over 200 scholarships for US students, along with financial aid, and even fundraising assistance! That’s right… they offer help with clarifying the total cost and breakdown of your cultural exchange program, as well as help around making a plan for fundraisers that can work to pay for some or even all of the costs!  From the time it’s a germ of an idea  through the planning and preparing to depart, in addition to during your time away and even after your return, they have an amazing staff who is dedicated to making sure you always feel connected and have access to good information. A long established cultural exchange program recognized for its focus on safety and communication, Youth for Understanding offers an extraordinary cultural exchange experience that is completely unique to you!


Financial: Varies depending on the country, and length and type of program.                  Tuition includes airfare, airport transportation to and from airport, insurance, program fees and noted trips, assistance with cultural exchange VISAs, orientation, etc.                          Full and partial need and merit based scholarships are available.  

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