Program Length: 4 weeks over the summer

Location: Either online for 2022 Summer or, more generally, on Campus at MIT.

Admissions Req:

  •  be a US resident going into 12th grade during the summer of the program
  • love and excel at math and science ( with little to no engineering or computer science experience)
  • be the first in your family to attend college OR attend high school in an area with limited access to STEM, OR be of African  American, Hispanic, or Native American descent

Applications are strongly encouraged from students with no science or  engineering degrees in their family.

Highlight: Are you a female 11th grade junior that is interested in taking part in a technology program focussed on Electrical or Mechanical  Engineering, or Computer Science? Well then, the MIT Women’s technology program might just be the right program for you!  It is a four-week summer academic experience that will  introduce high school women to engineering through hands-on classes, labs, and team-based projects. Exploring analog and digital electronics,  working with energy and  power, and programming in Python are some of the few things you will do in the program. No prior experience is necessary for taking part,  and classes are taught by MIT graduate students, assisted by MIT undergraduates. There are a few requirements for joining the women’s technology program, and it’s a bit selective (since it is MIT and there are only 40 spots total). On the bright side, students are encouraged to apply if there is an absence of science or engineering degrees in the family, so this is one time you have an advantage for being the only science nerd in your family! Finally, this women technology program is free online. As Lynn Root, an engineer for Spotify once said “It’s okay not to know something as long as you show that you’re intelligent enough to learn it” So what are you waiting for? It’s at MIT, it’s free, and you might even get in!  Apply now to seize this great opportunity!

Financial: Free if online and likely free if in-person as well… it’s MIT

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