Program Length: 10 days at the end of March OR 10 days in August (for the summer version)

Location: Oxford, UK

Admissions Req: Must be 16-19 years old

Admissions Deadline: Mid January (for the March program) … Similar timeline for application and admissions for the August program

Highlight: Would you like to go to study for FREE in Oxford, UK? Do you like math and science? The Winter Applied Rationality Program (WARP) – or its summer counterpart ESPR– is the perfect free program opportunity for you! Each of these is a 10-day free program about applied rationality on how to work things out and make good decisions. They run sessions on Information theory, cryptography, communication skills, game theory, judgment under uncertainty, and AI. They also invite great speakers to this free program! Everyone between 16-19 years old is invited to apply. You’ll have to fill out a google form and meet the deadline. For the winter program, it’s sometime in January; for the summer program, it’s sometime in the spring. Keep in mind that if you are accepted to this free program you will go to Oxford, UK for FREE. All tuition, meals, and lodging are paid if you win the chance to enter this free program, and scholarships can be won to cover the fees of travel as well. Check out their FAQ page for any questions you might have and if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can contact them here. If you’re passionate about mathematics, logic, cognitive science, philosophy, economics, or history, don’t think twice, just apply!

Financial: Free!


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