Program Length: 3-8 months, 40-50 hrs per week. Internships are available from March 1st to October 31st

Location:  The Sanctuary is located between North Gower and Kemptville, about 45 minutes south of Ottawa, Ontario.

Admissions Req: Must be 18 or older and have proof of vaccination of tetanus and rabies. Non-Canadian applicants require proof of a valid work visa. Interns may need to perform physically demanding tasks, such as heavy lifting.

Highlight: Calling all animal lovers! The Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is in the search for rehabilitation interns to help save animals’ lives! In this wildlife internship, interns learn about many aspects of wildlife rehabilitation, such as wildlife identification, natural history and behaviour, animal handling, and diagnostic procedures. In this wildlife internship, work on all sorts of tasks ranging from formula-feeding animals, performing fluid therapy and wound management (under supervision), and cleaning cages and facilities. Spend the majority of your time throughout this wildlife internship on direct animal care. The wildlife internship is a full time position, and lasts between 3-8 months. The Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in particular rehabilitates about 1,200 orphaned and injured wild mammals and reptiles every year.  Volunteers in this wildlife internship play an integral role in helping to care for these animals and releasing them back to the wild. Although most applicants for this wildlife internship are involved in biology, wildlife, environmental or veterinary-related studies, a wildlife rehabilitation intern must just overall have an enthusiastic and hardworking attitude. This wildlife internship is very hands-on and fast-paced, but is a very rewarding experience. Apply to this wildlife internship today; take a walk on the wild side!

Financial: Better than free!  Interns receive an honorarium of $150 per week.


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