Program Length:  TUITION-FREE 12-day wilderness science expeditions held between June and August.

Location: These wilderness science expeditions are offered in Oregon, Alaska, and Colorado, as well as in Switzerland and Kyrgyzstan 

Admissions Req: These wilderness science expeditions  are open to any 16 or 17 year old identifying as female. Specific wilderness science expeditions prioritize applicants from local geographical regions–  so check out the FAQs page. Also, keep an eye on the application deadlines  here!

Highlight:  Are you a young woman passionate about the wilderness and big adventures?If so,  Inspiring Girls Expeditions is probably for you! These FREE wilderness science expeditions offer adventures ranging from kayaking in Alaska, to exploring Mount Baker (an active volcano!) in Washington, to rock-climbing in Colorado!! And no prior experience required! All you need is a passion for exploration…and some basic clothing and toiletries. All tuition, food, and gear costs are covered during the course of these wilderness science expeditions! Spend 12 action-packed days with professional scientists and wilderness guides on these wilderness science expeditions learning about remote environments, while at the same time making unforgettable memories and building long-lasting friendships with a team of 8-9 other girls! You also have the opportunity to design and present a project highlighting your exciting discoveries to the public on the last day — making these wilderness science expeditions even more immediately worthwhile! 

Financial: Wilderness science expeditions are completely FREE. You just have to get there and back 🙂

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