Program Length: 4 separate @ 2 week contest periods from early June to mid-August

Everything is online from the comfort of your own internet connection!

Admissions Requirement: High schoolers anywhere around the world can participate.

Admissions Deadline: No application is required for this Global youth contest. Rounds run from June to August.

Highlight: When you read something on social media do your fingers urge you to reply or give your thought on something that provokes you? If you are like that then the Wharton Global Youth Comment and Win is the perfect contest that can satisfy those urges and fill your free time. Unlike other  contests, you don’t need to actually register anywhere because it works in 4 different steps.  In the first round, you just go on their website and find articles that interest you enough to leave a comment; you then simply leave your comment at the end of the article, sharing your opinion and thoughts. This Global Youth contest tuns annually beginning in  mid-June and running to mid August. Rounds are stand alone so you do not have to do more than one, but the skills they require in each round are different and they definitely building on each other. The second round starts in the latter portion of the June. In round 2, you will continue to comment but this time you will have to make a connection to your personal life story with the article that you read in this Global Youth contest. Round 3 then begins more near the middle of July. In this round, you will be asked to write a reply to a comment to share your thoughts, emotions, and perspective. At the end in round 4, you will need to elaborate on how you can make an existing idea better in the comment. Throughout this Global Youth contest, there will be judges reading your comment and judging and then after each two-week round, they will choose a winner. People participating in all 4 rounds in this Global Youth contest will have the chance to get a special prize and the title of Comment & Win 2022 champion. There are a lot of directions and types of commentary for each round so if you are still not sure how it works you can find some  examples from previous contestants for this contest.  Read and comment on articles in the Wharton school press that interest you and learn how to comment on comments and give constructive feedback. Truly a win-win contest for all participants!

Cost: Free

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