Program Length: Varies

Location: Remote

Admissions Requirement: 
• Varies based on volunteer position
• Usually requires you to have some skills related to the position

Admissions Deadline: No deadline (volunteer opportunities are posted when open)

Highlight: Within the matter of just a couple of years, the world could spiral into a global water crisis. Attempting to avert this by providing a sustainable source of water in Niger, West Africa is a wonderful organization called, WellsBringHope. WellsBringHope is a charitable organization building solar powered wells in Niger and teaching the local rural people about hygiene and sanitation. Accessible water is a dire problem in Niger but it is not unsolvable. You can become a water warrior and volunteer with the organization in many ways! This environmental volunteer opportunity has several postings on VolunteerMatch and updates them regularly. You can check out these postings and see if you’re interested. Right now they have a posting open for blog writers and social media managers! You could also start a water circle as part of this environmental volunteer opportunity. A water circle is a way for you to raise funds and spread awareness. There are several resources on the site of this environmental volunteer opportunity for you to use and make your campaign more effective. In addition you can also start a WellsBringHope club in your school in which you would raise donations and conduct awareness programs as part of this environmental volunteer opportunity. Need some ideas for your club? Check out this list, with tons of ideas to get you started! Shoot them an email at lana@wellsbringhope.org for more help getting your club off the ground! If you’re curious you could also check out their financial statements for a bit of insight into the organization and their achievements so far. If you have any questions regarding this environmental volunteer opportunity you can find answers through their FAQ page or email them at kate@wellsbringhope.org. So what are you waiting for? Get involved in this environmental volunteer opportunity and do your part to solve the water crisis!

Cost: free!

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