Program Length: Late November to mid December

Location: Online

Admissions Requirement: 
• Anyone

Admissions Deadline:  Mid December

Highlight: When you think of the future, do you imagine a perfect world, or one that has gone completely wrong? Well,’s Utopian V.S Dystopian World Building Competition allows anyone around the world to create what they think the future will be like! This World Building competition uses, an excellent website that allows its users to plan out their personal world, as the platform in which participants create their world with. To make this World Building Competition accessible to everyone, has generously made all government pages free to create during the contest period. Fear not if you’re feeling indecisive about what to create, as participants are free to submit as many worlds as they like! The prompt for the utopian dream is “Create the “perfect” fictional government. Who’s in charge? How are collective decisions made? What values does your society hold and how do they honor those?”, and the prompt for the dystopian rule is “Create the most dystopian fictional government. How did your society get here? Who’s benefiting from this system — and who’s oppressed? Why can’t things be improved?”. The judges of this world building competition aren’t looking for descriptions of real-world government. Instead, they want to see a creative, fictional government. One dystopian entry and one utopian entry will be selected to win 6 months of premium so they can continue to expand their world. So, if you tend to find yourself dreaming about the future, make sure to get those thoughts into your world, and submit your ideas!

Cost: none

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