Program Length: Varies to the person. (You may stay as long as you want)

Location: Remote

Admissions Req: Anyone 13 years old and older who is caring and passionate about learning and sharing what they have learned.

Highlight: When it comes to high school, many things are required: 4 math credits, 8 elective credits, 3 science credits, etc. TipStory scholars is a unique program that offers students the opportunity to share their knowledge with each other, while also obtaining volunteer hours. At this remote volunteer program, students 13 and older write at least 1 learning post a month and earn up to 5 service hours on each post. The posts can be on any topic, like how to solve a Math problem, or a reflection on a personal dance choreography project. This remote volunteer program provides honorary certificates, ranging between bronze, silver and gold, to students that read and share comments of other people’s learning posts. Tipstory’s remote volunteer program also presents students with a volunteering certificate to showcase the students volunteer hours. Scholars in this remote volunteer program will receive one volunteer hour for every 250 words written in their learning posts. The cost is free and applications can be sent throughout the year with no deadline! This is a lifetime opportunity for students to showcase their learning while finding other interests from other people. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for this remote volunteer program and not only learn from others, but share your knowledge too!

Financial: Free

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