Program Length: 10-12 weeks over summer… exact dates are tbd

Location: Dayton, Ohio

Admissions Requirements:

Be a US Citizen

Pursuing Bachelor’s Degree

Have a GPA of 3.00

Have discipline of either engineering or physics

Must be at least 18

Must have Zintellect profile

Have application that consists of educational, employee history, answers essay questions, resume, transcript, and recommendation letter

Application Deadline: Unknown at this time.

Highlight: Embark on a transformative journey through the Thermodynamics and Fluid Dynamics Undergraduate Research program, sponsored by the US Department of Defense. Located in Dayton, Ohio, this 10-12 week program offers a unique chance to collaborate with expert mentors on wind tunnel experiments, aiming to advance our understanding of thermodynamics.This program not only enriches your academic experience but also contributes to critical defense projects, making your work highly impactful. Participation is free, providing an unparalleled opportunity for hands-on research in a real-world context. For more information, visit the program’s homepage or learn more about the initiative.

Cost: Free

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