Program Length: July 5th-30th (4 weeks)… Application Deadline is May 1st

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Admissions Req:

  1. Must identify as female
  2. live full-time in MA
  3. be enrolled in a MA school
  4. currently be in the 8th grade
  5. be able to attend all four weeks of the program

Highlight: Are you a female?.. rising freshman (yes, we said GRADE 9)?… interested in programming? ….living in the Boston area (we know… it’s limited to BOSTON…but still pretty sweeeeet opportunity)!!! Then, look no further, the Artemis Project offered by Boston University caters to your needs. As a participant of this four-week programming course, you get to learn computer languages such as Scratch, AppInventor, HTML, CSS, and Python whilst also being  introduced to cryptography, artificial intelligence, and circuits. Additionally, as a participant of this programming course you will also learn how computer science is applied in the real world by hearing from guest speakers.  Don’t let any of this intimidate you, jump on in!  See some past projects and schedules! BU undergraduates and/or graduate students lead this programming course. To sweeten the deal, this programming course is almost free except for a $100 registration fee. Apply now and expand your horizons learning  about STEM.

Financial: $100-registration fee, only (tuition completely free)

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