Program Length: you can decide how long you would like to volunteer for

Location: online

Admissions Requirement:
• US High school students, photo ID, and school recommendation

Admissions Deadline: no deadline

Highlight: Let’s be honest, there are lots of tutoring opportunities out there — perhaps even one at your school? We came across this one and felt it offered some unique options because of both because of the opportunity to work with students either locally or from other parts of the world AND because of  their Counting Cupcakes entrepreneurship program. See if you agree. Volunteering (especially for anyone who has chosen and has not felt forced to do it) not only helps one give back to others but helps a person to reward themselves with the gift of service. Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘’ The best way to find yourself is to be at the service of others.’’ TeensGive, is an organization that helps high school students find ways to gain their volunteer hours that are rewarding. This volunteer tutoring opportunity will match you with a grade 3-6 student that needs tutoring depending on your time availability and skills, with the option for in-person tutoring or virtual! Oftentimes students from underserved countries attend this virtual after school program to seek help to improve on knowledge and skills. During this volunteer tutoring opportunity, you will have the chance to make new friends from all around the world and work with all kinds of students, giving you the opportunity to branch out your experience with a range of abilities and cultures. This volunteer tutoring opportunity offers high school students the chance to choose a program where they virtually tutor younger students in math, reading, or writing. Teensgive provides all highschool volunteer tutors with the tools necessary, such as curriculum and teaching resources to facilitate learning, as well as the platform over which tutoring sessions will take place. Volunteers are required to record their tutoring session to make sure they maintain good quality teaching for this pretty unique kind of volunteer tutoring opportunity. Alternatively, if you are more interested in business, you can join their Counting Cupcake volunteering tutoring opportunity where you will teach their entrepreneurship curriculum to help youth create a real bakery. During this volunteer tutoring opportunity, you will teach them the fundamental aspect of entrepreneurship and marketing! To get started you can apply now and check out what other volunteers and students are saying!

Cost: Free 🙂

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