Program Length:  7 days May 18-25

Location: ONLINE

Admissions Req: Anyone under 19 eligible for this COVID-related hackathon!

Highlight: Passionate about using your technological skills to create some positive change in the current pandemic? Check out this COVID-related hackathon organized by Devpost in partnership with organizations like IBM and Infragistics! This COVID-related hackathon for teens is a student-led, global event that brings coders together to address current and future challenges of this pandemic. Students can use ANY technology or software during this COVID-related hackathon to create a production-ready or scalable solution that focuses on the future, education, or community. Sounds exciting? There’s more! You get FREE access to resources, technologies, and workshops on topics like AR/VR and debugging during this COVID-related hackathon, AND have the opportunity to connect with mentors from IBM and EchoAR!! Completion of this COVID-related hackathon also makes you eligible for prizes based on certain criteria, like value, creativity, and potential impact of your project. These COVID-related hackathon prizes include access to UI/UX tools, cool tech, the echoAR platform, a feature in their newsletter, and an opportunity to work with the Infographics team to deploy your product! Devpost posts regular announcements on this COVID-related hackathon, so make sure you stay updated!

Financial: FREE!

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