Program Length: Register in late October — build boat over next few months. Race in December (1 day weekend event)

Location: Marine Institute, Memorial University, St Johns, Newfoundland

Admissions Req: High School students — Teams of 2-12 students with a Mentor

Highlight: Annual remote control model boat race for teams of high school students (+ coach/teacher/mentor) held at the Marine Institute. Teams enter in October and are provided with a motor along with other helpful information. Teams have 4 months to fabricate a hull, create their own rudder/steering systems and install the motor. The race takes place in the Institute’s Flume Tank (which is a pretty interesting structure on its own!) Teams navigate boats through the course via remote control and display their designs, plans, and building strategies as part of the competition. Great opportunity to apply physics and math principles in the spirit of friendly competition where discovery is the real reward.

Financial: Free to enter. Motors are provided to teams. Just need to get there!

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