Program Length: 5-6 hours per week for one month

Location: Various in-person locations near you…or online

Admissions Req: Really pretty minimal requirements, beyond answering a series of questions in the application portal and to being a high school student. Check out the important dates schedule to stay on top of applying!

Admissions Deadline: Late May

Highlight: Hey there! Are you looking for something to do during the summer? Are you looking for opportunities that can help you build your skills and portfolio? Are you interested in STEM? If you answered yes to any of those questions, I have something for you. Talaria Summer Institute is a summer STEM program for female and genderqueer students. It only lasts about a month and is open to even international high school students! To join this summer STEM program in-person, you must join a chapter near you. If there are none, you can participate online. Students with true enthusiasm for scientific research and the ambition twinned with curiosity to pursue research are sought after by TSI. In this summer STEM program, you will also be guided and mentored one-on-one, so you don’t have to worry about not knowing what to do! During the duration of the summer STEM program, participants will meet with their mentor four times total – meaning  1X/week. Your mentor will help guide you through your formal scientific research paper, which you will then present at the Talaria conference and receive a Talaria Scholar certificate. Oh, and did I also mention that this is 100% free and that you would also get a certificate verifying you participation afterward (in addition to your actual research paper, too, ofc! Joining this summer STEM program can help expand and develop your NICE: network, interest, connection, and experience! Plus it is totally free! Soooooo…don’t be shy; go ahead and visit their page for more information! The deadline to apply is late May. Apply now and don’t miss out on this great summer program opportunity!

Cost: Free 

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