Program Length: As long as you would like!

Location: Virtual and in person options

Admissions Requirement: 
• US student

Highlight: Are you interested in helping your local community — more specifically, those in need of food? Well, the Tackle Hunger Ambassador Network is a food charity program that helps people across all of America. This is a great volunteer opportunity for students and elders to come together in their neighborhoods and help out those in need of some food. Tackle Hunger Relief is an organization that helps source  local food charities and find a way to provide them with food.  In addition, because they cast such a wide net both geographically and with the range of services they offer, Tackle Hunger can connect compassionate and dedicated young people to work in-person on more local campaigns, or virtually on more regional campaigns. Volunteers can choose from a number of initiatives including funding campaigns, food drives, and sourcing/mapping of new qualified charities.  Volunteers at this hunger relief program can also choose to create their own programs, in-person or virtual, to help others. Tackle Hunger also provides training seminars to its volunteers, so students can learn how they can effectively participate in campaigns. Students can gain additional volunteer hours for their work, and can elect to stay with the program for  however long they like. So if you’re interested in a volunteer opportunity that addresses a big problem and allows you to contribute on a scale that works best for you, then you might want to look to Tackle Hunger! Tackle  With the increase of Americans in need of food, it is our job to make sure we do our part in helping our local community by volunteering and helping deliver across all of America.

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