Program Length:  4 days in summer (month not specified). Summer details usually available in January

Location: campus of Whitworth University, located in Spokane, Washington

Admissions Req:  Open to undergraduate students and their faculty mentors. The primary intent of the SCI is to increase research and instructional capacity in the structural sciences at primarily undergraduate institutions

Highlight: Crystallography is defined as “the study of the structure and properties of crystals”,  if this sounds interesting, this crystallography program might be something you might like to explore. Held in the summer at Pacific Northwest Institute of Crystallography at Whitworth University, this crystallography program is specifically  designed to allow undergraduate students to get a clearer picture of structural sciences and allow undergraduate faculty to increase the research capabilities at the undergraduate level in the world of crystal structural science and its applications. Additionally, the crystallography program is affordable as only a minimal housing fee is required. If after completing this crystallography program you end up moving beyond  undergraduate study in the area, check out the Crystallography Scholarship offered to more advanced students in this field of structural science. If you are an undergraduate student interested in learning about what the structural study of crystals is all about and can offer, then apply to check out this brief, friendly, and affordable foray into the field of crystallography for a closer look this summer!

Financial: There are no registration fees and minimal on-campus housing costs (shared room $27.50 per person/night, single room $30.50 per person/night, and linen option/person $20) associated with this workshop/conference. Space is limited to 20 though, so it is recommended to inquire and sign up early!

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