Program Length: Varies depending on program

Location: Virtual

Admissions Requirement: 
• Depends for program – most require GPA scores or qualification relevant to the position you want

Admissions Deadline: Rolling admissions

Highlight: Are you someone who cares about STEM? Are you also someone who wishes to share the love for STEM? If so, then STEM-E is perfect for you. This STEM program is all about publishing your research paper. Whether you are a first time writer or a professional, if you have something you want to share with the world, then publish your articles in this STEM program! They will help edit your papers and provide feedback, then give you full credit once it’s published! Interested? Check it out right here! However, this isn’t all that this STEM program offers: they also cultivate STEM skills through affordable education options for younger students in order to set them up for future success. So, if teaching others is your type of jam, then maybe becoming a tutor  or even a mentor  (which is more about providing slightly older students with exposure and access to professions and college preparation) speaks to you. If none of these spark your interest, then this STEM program also provides various types of internship and volunteer opportunities here. Whether you are good with social media or if you’re a savvy programmer, and, whether you are a student, parent, an educator, or a professional, there’s a place for you at this remote STEM program. So if you are ready to share the love for STEM, be sure to join right away!

Cost: free! 

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