Program Length: 5 weeks of a residency in a summer medical program held on the Stanford campus

Location: A summer medical program located on the Stanford University campus (California)

Admissions Req: Sophomores and Juniors only who live in Central, or Northern California from low income families are eligible for this summer medical programApplications open in early winter.

Highlight:  If you’ve  felt like you couldn’t do or wouldn’t be able to afford opportunities that could help you explore and seriously consider medicine,  this summer medical program was literally made for you. This place has everything you’ll need to get familiar with this field. They receive 300 applicants and select 30 people; this is very doable! This summer medical program gives you a full hands on experience; you’ll be attending faculty lectures and participating in anatomy labs,  helping hospital interns, learning the ins and outs of the medical field. The list is endless! You’ll spend 5 weeks of June and July living at Stanford in this summer medical  program that offers a whole range of learning opportunities and recreational team building activities. Dining and Living expenses as well as field trips are all Included! The Stanford summer medical program is such a great way to become familiar with what life is like as an undergrad. And admission isn’t about who has the best test scores or who’s won the most awards — it’s about interest in medicine and initiative and curiosity about the world around you — this is a team game and it’s all designed to help everybody involved learn and grow together!

Financial: This summer medical program is FREE

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