Program Length: Flexible and varies in length. Special Olympics Volunteers are able to participate in a single event or be part of a team/organization all year round. The Special Olympics is a year round program, and the Special Olympic World Games happen every 2 years..

Location: Opportunities for Special Olympics volunteers are available through state “chapters” across the US

Admissions Req: Special Olympics Volunteers must be at least 14. Online application available through your state chapter’s website plus an orientation depending on the Special Olympics Volunteers role you select.  Participate in a single event or choose to join a team/be part of the Special Olympics Volunteers all year round. 

Highlight: Looking for a sports related volunteer opportunity in a sport you know or maybe several you’ve only heard of? Special Olympics Volunteers get the chance to work alongside extraordinarily driven athletes, help out at weekly club training programs, organize and staff local competitions, and of course help host World Game events! Some Special Olympics Volunteers are even involved in coaching or officiating !!! Look for information on Special Olympics Volunteers opportunities in all 50 states plus in many countries directly from here! Special Olympics Volunteers can work in a competition or community based activity stream in a process that starts by checking out program roles available, or fundraising events you could help out with, in your state. Experience the thrill of victory from a different perspective!

Financial: No cost for Special Olympics Volunteers!

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