Program Length: For this farming apprenticeship program, you can work anytime during the year and must have an apprenticeship of at least two months.

Location: Canada

Admissions Req: You must be 18+ and a Canadian citizen, or have a work visa for Canada.

Highlight: Society is always trying to find new ways of efficient farming, and living, to make life easier whilst moving towards a more sustainable society. The future is sustainability. Do you agree with this last statement? Interested in learning more about sustainable farming?. Whether you have always loved and been involved with farms and animals or whether you have no experience with rural agricultural living at all, consider applying to this farming apprenticeship program, SOIL (Stewards of Irreplaceable Lands) as everyone’s welcome! Through the SOIL farms database, interested applicants can search a variety of types of sustainable farming options offered  in provinces across Canada. To be eligible for this farming apprenticeship program, you must be over 18 years old and a citizen of Canada, or have a work visa for Canada. Students of this farming apprenticeship program will not only be exposed to practices about how to care for animals properly and use sustainable farming techniques treat the soil correctly, but they will also be extensively involved in substantially learning how to manage their own sustainable farms. Be sure to check out this farming apprenticeship program’s blog to learn more about life on a farm. Applications for this farming apprenticeship program are accepted year-round, but it is recommended to apply during December as farms are planning for the season. After applying to this farming apprenticeship program, you will receive more information about the farm you will be on, and their conditions! If you have an interest in farming, be sure to apply soon and start growing!

Financial: May be paid opportunities with stipends ranging from $200 – $800 per month. There is a membership fee of 30 dollars to join.



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