Program Length: 4-5 weeks EVERY SUMMER FOR 3 YEARS! July 30th – August 4 for each STEM location program


  • SMASH Berkeley- California
  • SMASH UC Davis- California
  • SMASH Morehouse- Atlanta, Georgia
  • SMASH Wayne State- Detroit, Michigan
  • SMASH Illinois- Chicago, Carbondale, East St. Louis Metro
  • SMASH Northeastern- Boston, Massachusetts
  • SMASH Michigan- Ann Arbor, Michigan

Admissions Req: SMASH is an initiative designed specifically to serve groups traditionally underrepresented in STEM, first generation college students, or students from low income households.
In addition, students:

  • Must be in grade nine when applying to this STEM program
  • Minimum of eighth grade 3.0 GPA
  • Must have strong math skills for your grade level
  • Must attend either a public or private high school
  • Must be living in the United States within 50 miles of a SMASH location (virtual program for 2021)
  • Must have a genuine interest or passion for STEM or a STEM based subject

Highlight: Are you in grade 9 and interested in the world of STEM but not sure what part? Well the SMASH Academy 3 year STEM intensive program is perfect for you! The SMASH Academy includes intense STEM focused college prep studies to deepen and ensure that you thrive and can pursue a career in STEM. This is a 4-5 week program EVERY SINGLE SUMMER for 3 years. You will also have the option to continue on past high school whilst you’re in university and be immersed in STEM opportunities and access paid internships with leading STEM companies in tech and other industries if you choose to carry on into the SMASH Rising program. As said by Edward Teller, a theoretical physicist, “the science of today is the technology of tomorrow” and you could be the one to change the STEM industry’s technology with just your brain and this opportunity! You have the power to change the world tomorrow so let the STEM professors and STEM industry professionals at the SMASH Academy help you to solidify your dreams as a scientist and engineer of the future in just 3 years! Start building your STEM career alongside a robust community of STEM enthusiasts with continuous support for 3 years and additional opportunities for it to last a lifetime. Take this SMASHing opportunity to apply!

Financial: Free

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