Program Length: Sign language support program runs throughout the school year

Location: Elementary schools with one or more deaf students in Newfoundland and Labrador

Admissions Req: A bit more rigorous application process which asks about your interest or experience with sign language and with deaf students, plus an interview, some references and a certificate of conduct. 

Highlight: Do you already know or want to learn sign language? Have you ever thought about teaching sign language to elementary school students so that they  can better communicate with their deaf classmates and give them the sign language support that they need? CLASS (Children’s Language Acquisition Support System) is an organization that helps children learn sign language, and  provides sign language support to help deaf students function more productively in school.. CLASS received approval to run a sign language support program called Gain a Superpower in all elementary schools applying for sign language support in Newfoundland and Labrador. In addition to weekly sign language support sessions with both hearing and deaf students, volunteers receive further monthly sign language support training. Even if you live in another province and feel a sign language support program to help deaf students nearer to you could be interesting and beneficial, contact, CLASS: they welcome your interest and questions and can maybe even get you pointed in the right direction with a sign language support program in your area.:)

Financial: Free.

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