Program Length: Depends on the programs offered by the Sierra Student Coalition

Campaigns – various topics; political awareness building; policy/petitions; current and ongoing..
Sprog – usually 1 week
Climate Justice Academy – 9 weeks

Location: Someprogramming is in-person but much of their programming is remote.

Admissions Requirement: 
• ages 14 to 35

Admissions Deadline: Application deadline can vary according to program you select:
Sprog is being re-vamped so there is no application deadline set quite yet.
Climate Justice League (End of Jan)

Highlight: Is nature your calling? Are you interested in the fight to preserve the environment? If so, then the Sierra Student Coalition is just perfect for you! This environmental program is a network of young people trying to help solve climate and environmental issues. This environmental program also offers a bunch of sub-programs, giving you some options for a multitude of great learning opportunities! One important sub-section is the campaigns: a small group of topic areas on problems affecting our world, which allows people like you to learn more about taking action on particular climate and social justice issues. For example, the Being Young Ain’t A Crime campaign teaches young people the relationship between climate justice and black liberation. Another important sub-section is Sprog, which is this environmental program’s longest running training program. Sprog offers eligible students a one-week of intensive leadership training about environmental and social justice activism Although this program is currently being revamped, it will for sure be available again, so be sure to keep updated here! Finally, this environmental program offers the Climate Justice Academy, an online program aimed to develop your political analysis skills and be part of a virtual academy. For a more in depth look, check out the resource page on our wonderful website. If you are interested in this environmental program, and are ready to take advantage of the Sierra Student Coalition’s amazing opportunities, check out this page right now!

Cost: free! 🙂

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