Program Length: One week mid- July

Location: University of Michigan

Admissions Req: High School Student from grade 10 to 12.. All genders, from anywhere… Applications are open from Jan 17 to Feb 28

Highlight: Attention to all high school students!! Are you someone who still has no idea what they want to pursue in the future? Well, the See Camp summer engineering program gives you the chance to explore the discipline of engineering and visit the prestigious University of Michigan. During this summer engineering program, your week will be filled with fun activities that will help you understand how engineering  is used in everyday life. At this summer engineering program, you will get the chance to explore Aerospace, Environmental Engineering, Computer Science and  Biomedical Engineering to get a better idea of how broad engineering is, and get a better picture of where your interests may lie. This summer engineering program will also be set in an outdoor setting where students will have the chance to have fun outside kayaking or tie-dying while making friends with like-minded students and at the same time developing leadership skills. When you are in high school, it can be overwhelming to know what you really want or what to expect in college or university. The University of Michigan will give you the chance to ask all your burning questions to the office administration and current university students during this summer engineering program. Have fun exploring the career at this summer’s engineering program that will help you be more confident about your program choice and know exactly what to expect when you transition from high school. It doesn’t matter where you are because this application is open to anyone. So what are you waiting for to apply

Financial: $650..or around that.. The cost for camp will be determined at a later date and financial aid is available and  will be sent to accepted applicants with their acceptance email.

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