Program Length: Five months, optional to extend for 2.5-5 months

Location: Virtual or in person at Gloucester, MA

Admissions Requirement: 
• Applicants need to be at least in highschool and for some positions, some experience or particular skills are recommended.

Admissions Deadline: Applications are rolling, but you can’t enroll too far into the future… possibly this means you may only enroll a maximum of four months before initial start date

Highlight: Are you someone who appreciates nature and the seascapes? Do you want to protect natural beauty from harm? Then, Seaside Sustainability is the perfect program for you! This Massachusetts based environmental program is all about promoting awareness of environmental health, developing problem-solving skills, and engaging in a community that cares. This environmental program is focused around 4 main areas: plastic mitigation, marine citizen science, sustainability education, and solar energy adoption. As an intern, there are different types of teams that might be suitable for you. For example, if you are good at business, maybe join the business and marketing team. If you are good at research or writing, maybe think about the grant research writing & administration team. Or if you like to take direct action, the Climate Action team is definitely an option to consider! This environmental program is also very flexible, so it will most likely fit your in-person or remote schedule! So, if you are thinking this all sounds pretty interesting, or just too good to be true, then head to one of the links to check it out. And… if you discover it’s defs for you, apply here right now!


Cost: free!

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