Program Length: 1 semester

Location: Ontario, Canada

Admissions Req: All students from Ontario who have the necessary prerequisites for Grade 12 science courses are eligible to apply to this science learning program. You don’t even have to live near the Science Centre! You can be matched with a homestay for your time there studying 🙂

Highlight: Do you happen to love math and science, but you dislike the monotony of class? Look no further, this unique science learning program offered by the Ontario Science Centre, helps students explore the math and science fields of biology, physics, chemistry and calculus in a totally new way! As you spend a whole semester at the Ontario Science Centre, you can experience the full innovation process, from research to building cool projects with like-minded peers. You also get the chance to fulfill your required math and science credits for high school. All you need for this science learning program is the correct prerequisites for those courses, the desire to apply, and you are good to go! This out-of-the-world science learning program allows students to explore the curriculum with its one-of-a-kind innovation program that lets students learn in a creative and hands-on way. In addition, the mandatory business/product Innovation course allows you to explore the full innovation cycle to create something of your own! Since this science learning program offers a small class size of 30 students per semester (spread among ALL of the course offerings!), you will experience an exciting environment with imaginative teachers whilst getting optimum hands-on-learning opportunities. Apply now! Get ready to put on your thinking cap and unleash your possibilities by applying to this science-at-the-science-centre program today!

Financial: …and, ofc…it’s free!

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