Program Length: 10-12 weeks, 40 hours per week

Location: Sandia internship sites – Albuquerque, New Mexico; Livermore, California. Other Sandia sites include Hawaii, Washington D.C., Minnesota, Texas, and Nevada

Admissions Requirement: 
• Must be a US citizen and at least a 16 year old
• 3.0/4.0 for graduate students and 3.0/4.0 for undergraduate and high school students applying for Research and Development (R&D), Technical, or Business positions
• 2.5/4.0 for undergraduate and high school students applying for clerical or laborer positions (Laborer positions are available only at the Sandia/New Mexico site)

Admissions Deadline: varies depending on each position

Highlight: Are you looking for an exciting and challenging internship opportunity? Look no further than Sandia Internships! The internship opportunity offers a unique experience for highschool, undergraduate, or graduate students to gain hands-on experience in a variety of fields, including engineering, science, cybersecurity, energy surety, engineering design, and software development, and more. The internship opportunity also provides comprehensive training and mentorship programs to help you develop your skills and grow as a professional. You’ll have the opportunity to work on real-world projects alongside experienced professionals and mentors, giving you valuable insight into the industry and helping you build your resume. But that’s not all – the internship opportunity also provides access to a wide range of benefits, including competitive pay, flexible schedules, and opportunities for career advancement. You can choose from a variety of internship schedules: summer, year-round, and co-op. Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your career or gain valuable experience before entering the workforce full-time, Sandia Internships has something for everyone. Check out the FAQs if you still have questions about what the internships are about and how compensation, housing, and travel would work. So why wait? Apply today and take the first step towards an exciting future!

Cost: free!

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