Program Length: 1 year for college ambassadors

Location: Anywhere within the United States (remote)

Admissions Requirement: 
• College student in America

Admissions Deadline: this part was a bit unclear to us.

Highlight: Are you a current college student who would love the opportunity to work as an influencer or ambassador for Samsung products? Then the YMC’s Samsung College Program has got your back! This college program gives students the choice between applying to be an influencer or an ambassador. Both of this college program’s job positions come with cash stipends, possible bonuses, and most excitingly, some of the newest Samsung products! As an influencer, your main duty is to promote Samsung products on Instagram and TikTok such as discount codes, new technology, and upcoming events. Influencers of this college program typically have prior content creation experience, a diverse social network, are natural in front of a camera, and able to dedicate 1-2 hours a week towards creating Samsung related content. YMC’s Samsung College Program’s Ambassadors, on the other hand, are tasked with promoting Samsung at on-campus college events, doing product demonstrations, and more! Ambassadors are typically outgoing, passionate, current Samsung device users (or willing to switch for the duration of the program), and able to spend around 8-10 hours per week planning out events. So, are you ready to become the newest Samsung influencer/ambassador? Then make sure to turn your notifications on so you know when to apply!

Cost: free, including a stipend and generous bonuses!

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