Program Length: No set length

Location: Remote

Admissions Requirement: 
• Able to commit 3-5 hours per week
• Current high school or college student
• Consistent access to computer and stable WiFi
• Must be able to fully commit to a task and attend weekly meetings

Admissions Deadline: Rolling applications

Highlight: Whether it’s scarey of fascinating (or a combination of the two), robotics is quite literally the future of our world. As much as that’s true, becoming involved in programs can be super expensive and not easily available to everyone. Luckily there are lots of nonprofits looking to change that! One specifically that we have found is called Robotics For All and they are looking for interns in all different areas of their organization! This robotics internship opportunity is open to highschool students and university students. The organization is located in the US but you can apply from anywhere to be an intern ! They offer three different kinds of pathways for interns: Business interns, Technical interns, and Publicity interns. Business Development Interns work on all tasks focused on the backend of Robotics For All. Some tasks include cold emailing, event planning, outreach, interviewing, and more.Technical Interns work on a Software Development Team, and help develop and implement programming. And Publicity Interns work on all tasks focused on developing Robotics For All’s public image. Some tasks include managing social media accounts, creating publicity content (graphics, banners, logos), and more. To apply to this robotics internship opportunity students must be able to commit 3-5 hours per week, have consistent access to computers and stable wifi, and must be able to fully commit to a task and attend weekly meetings. This robotics organization  also has openings in leadership that might interest you as well. There is no deadline for applying so if you’re too busy right now, then simply save to your faves to come back to when you’re more available.. No fuss no muss, no stress is best 🙂

Cost: free! 🙂

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