Program Length: No set time commitment required of the program when a student is accepted as a College Prep Scholar. However, students can choose to be part of a summer workshops held at various universities where there would be a time commitment depending on the program

Location: All workshops within this college-prep program are completely online

Admissions Req: Any high school junior (regardless of citizenship) currently attending high school in the U.S

  • Academically outstanding high school juniors from families earning less than $65,000/year for a family of four.
  • U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents living abroad are eligible for the program; International students living outside the U.S. are not eligible
  • Academic criteria for this college-prep program are:
    • Mostly A’s in the most challenging courses available
    • Top 5-10% of graduating class
    • strong writing ability, intellectual spark, and determination through essays and recommendations
    • Standardized test scores (if taken): 75% of last year’s College Prep Scholars scored above 1260 on the SAT or 27 on the ACT (if reported).

Highlight: Going to college can be a stress on a lot of students and seem like an intimidating experience, even for students who are doing well and pretty confident academically. If you are one of those students,  then have no fear, this college-prep program is here! QuestBridge offers a College Prep Scholars Program for outstanding high school juniors with low-income backgrounds interested in investigating Ivy League/or more traditionally highly ranked US schools ! This college-prep program provides juniors in any school across the U.S. with the knowledge, confidence, guidance and resources to apply to the top schools across the U.S.! There are a few daunting  Requirements to be a part of this college-prep program which include: being in the top 10% of your class, receiving high averages in courses and having strong writing ability through essays and recommendations. But if this is the postsecondary experience that matches your dreams, then go for it! QuestBridge has connections to college partners likes Brown University, Columbia University, Princeton University, Stanford University and many more! This college-prep program could be worth looking into if you tend to shine academically, fall into the income eligibility requirement, and are thinking of a big name/ big ticket school! Awards and benefits range from full scholarships to a college summer programs (hosted by Yale and other top schools), through prep with the college application process. Definitely something not to miss checking out if you feel you might qualify … deadline is end of March!

Financial: Free with chances of getting money 🙂

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