Program Length: 24 Hours August 7-8

Location: Virtual

Admissions Req: High school students (anyone 13+) from all countries and territories except Brazil, Quebec, Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Crimea can register for this hackathon for social good.

Highlight: Picture this: the classic action movie cast huddles around the computer, where green letters flash against black. The hacker types rapidly, and seconds later, they exclaim: “I’m in!”. If you have ever wanted to be the one typing, then Quellie Hacks, a beginner-friendly,  hackathon for social good is perfect for you! In this free, virtual hackathon, which takes place from August 7th to August 8th, anyone above the age of 13 can learn and practice programming skills. This year’s theme is “Empowering Them”, so students will look at real world problems in this hackathon aimed at empowering students to take a crack at generating ideas for solutions that can create some real world . You can work with industry experts and mentors, as well as attend workshops on a wide variety of topics- from Python basics to Machine Learning. If you submit a project to the Quellie Hacks, and win, you are eligible for prizes such as Amazon gift cards, gaming mice, or Arduino starter kits. In just one day, take a step closer to computer hacking in the action movies, or an equally rewarding (but less stressful) programming career. Sign up for this  hackathon for social good today!

Financial: Free



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