Program Length: 6 week long summer math program

Location: Boston University

Admissions Requirement: Students must be a current highschool student who is at least 14 years old and completed 9th grade. The application for this summer math program requires a high school transcript, the application form, a letter of recommendation, and solutions to a given problem set.

Admissions Deadline: Mid March

Highlight: PROMYS equals the program in mathematics for young scientists! This summer math program is a 6 week program that gathers talented and highly motivated students from around the US and around the world to spend their summer at the world renowned Boston University. During the summer math program, you will start the day off with amazing lectures and have plenty of time to collaborate and work independently on mathematical problems and projects. Don’t fret about not having advanced experience for this program, as PROMYS hires around 25 college undergraduates in mathematics majors, who will be there every step of the way to help you in the summer math program. Secondary school teachers are also able to join this summer math program for FREE with its own unique curriculum and workshops for teacher training. As a high school student, don’t let this math-centered program intimidate you, because there are plenty of fun activities to do during your free time, like frisbee, basketball, or volleyball games on the weekends. You also get to experience what dorm life feels like, by sharing a room with a peer in the university residence (with mentors always nearby for support!). PROMYS also encourages students from underrepresented communities to apply for this summer math program, and to make it more accessible, they already run the course for less than the actual cost , thanks to generous donations. Families making under $60k can even get into the program for completely FREE! Even more exciting, PROMYS is expanding abroad as well, with a similar 6-week summer math program opening in Europe and in India! Time to start your mathematical pathway, and apply — the probability for an amazing summer math experience looks very PROMYS-ing!

$5,500, but the program is free for domestic students whose families make under $60k a year

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