Program Length: There is an orientation and a commitment of 2 hours each week for a minimum of 6 months required for helping homeless children

Location: Many locations throughout Massachusetts for helping homeless children through Horizons for the Homeless.

Admissions Req: You must be 18+ to volunteer helping homeless children. However; if you’re 16 or 17, you are also welcome to join in with a parent!

Highlight: Being a Playspace Activity Leader (PAL) puts you at the heart of helping homeless children through Horizons for the Homeless! If you volunteer for the Playspace Program you’ll be on the frontlines for helping homeless children by brightening their day with fun and games and a chance to make a new friend! You’ll also be giving the parents of these kids a chance to go to classes or pursue real, permanent housing opportunities. As a PAL, you’ll be helping homeless children by doing things like painting, or playing board games and card games, etc. Once selected, you’ll be assigned to a shelter that you would regularly attend for just 2 hours per week for at least 6 months, to ensure the children you meet and play with have stability and someone that they can lean on! The day and time is always consistent and is selected typically Monday-Thursday between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM.. whatever can work best for you! So if you live in Massachusetts, love working with kids, and have regular time you can commit, becoming a PAL and helping homeless children is an awesome way to make a real difference — both for the children and their parents!

Financial: Helping homeless children is entirely free 🙂

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