Program Length: 24 hour highschool student hackathon on a weekend in February

Location: Qualcomm in Santa Clara, CA

Admissions Req: Any high school student who identifies as a female may apply and attend. Teams of 2-4 individuals compete in this highschool student hackathon, where you don’t even have to have a team before the event! Open to girls from all over the world now!

Highlight: PIXEL HACKS is a FREE overnight  highschool student hackathon encouraging participation from all high school girls who are good at, or just interested in, coding! Know a lot or nothing about programming before coming to this highschool student hackathon that features workshops and competition exclusively for high school girls! Make a team or join one there! Opportunity to learn from your teammates and from other highschool student hackathon teams’ members, as well as to attend professional workshops on Augmented Virtual Reality, AI, machine learning, as well as Android and iOS app development. All you need is YOU, …plus a valid ID, laptop, chargers, and other devices you may want to use…..and possibly a sleeping bag, pillow, and toiletries. Otherwise everything else is FREE at this highschool student hackathon (including all food and a swaaaaagg bagg!)

Financial: This highschool student hackathon, including all food, swag, and prizes, is completely free!

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