Program Length:
Feb 16 – Competition registration opens
March 16 – Competition Starts
March 30 – Competition Ends

Location: Opportunity offered through Carnegie Mellon University, but actual contest is remote

Admissions Req: Anyone above the age of 13 can register to compete in this cybersecurity competition (if under 18, you must have permission from a parent/ guardian). Must be a United States resident to apply for this cybersecurity competition and verify school enrollment.

Highlight: If you are interested in computers and online security, then this cybersecurity competition is for you! Compete for cash prizes and speciality awards in the world’s largest free hacking contest! PicoCTF is an offensively based cybersecurity competition where you not only get to have fun,  but you also get to learn about  and practice different cybersecurity principles from introductory levels to more advanced levels. This contest involves all factors related to cybersecurity including: reverse engineering, forensics, and web exploitation problems. Whether this sounds complicated or familiar,  the creators of this competition aim to make you feel at home and interested in engaging. You also get the chance to see and experience what a career in the growing field of cybersecurity might involve and offer, through this cybersecurity competition. After registering individually for the cybersecurity competition, you can opt to create a team with up to five people, or continue to work independently. Whichever you choose, PicoCTF aims to introduce you to cybersecurity, and all things related, in a fun and engaging way.

Financial: Free


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