Program Length: Short-term (less than two weeks), summer (10-12 weeks), or year-long appointment. Appointments may be extended depending on funding availability, project assignment, program rules, and availability of the participant.

Location: Boston, MA and Natick,MA

Admissions Requirements:

Be a US Citizen

Pursuing Bachelor’s Degree

Have a GPA of 3.00

Must be at least 18

For Undergraduate Students

Must have Zintellect profile

Have application that consists of education and employment history, essay question responses, resume, transcript, and recommendation letter

Application Deadline: N/A


Attention Undergrads! Here is an opportunity to grab! Explore a Free Research Fellowship! The US Department of Defense invites you to an exciting opportunity. If you’re passionate about next-generation technology, this is your chance! You’ll get to work with a mentor on a project using cool, high-tech fabrics that can sense things like heart rate, surroundings, and even danger. This is all to help soldiers stay safe and healthy.

Not only will you gain valuable research experience, but you’ll also contribute to national security. Here are some more reasons- why it’s exceptional, it has free Participation, no cost involved. It also has lots of Innovative Projects where you can dive into the world of wearable tech and even research exposure to enhance your skills and knowledge!. The program offers financial support/ stipend to help you focus on your research. The exact amount will be determined later, but it considers things like your grades, field of study, and past experience. On top of that, you’ll have access to health insurance options and allowances for travel and, if needed, relocating for the fellowship.

The program generally takes place in Boston or Natick MA. For more information, click here! Also do check out the requirements to apply, Then create a Zintellect profile to apply here.  Don’t miss this chance to shape the future!

Cost: Free

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