Program Length: 6-8 Weeks

Location: Remote

Admissions Requirement: 
• Varies based on the externship
• Typically need to be at least 18 and/or in college

Admissions Deadline: Depends on the externship

Highlight: Would you like the opportunity to work with some of the biggest companies in the world such as National Geographic, Beats By Dre, and HSBC? Then the Paragon One’s Remote Externships Program could be what you’re always dreamed of! These remote externships last around 6-8 weeks and are great opportunities to gain industry-level skills. With no deadlines, the remote externships are constantly being updated and new opportunities are constantly being posted. Applicants first send in their applications for externships and wait for Paragon One to match them with an externship. Applicants must send in a “Get To Know You” video and later participate in an interview in order to successfully become an extern. During the first week of the externship, externs will set goals for what they wish to achieve and learn more about the company. Between weeks two and five of the externship, externs receive training and fulfill tasks or projects. These weeks consist of weekly meetings, student-led workshops, and virtual events. Finally, some of the top students participating in the remote externships will be given the opportunity to present their work and findings to company leads such as senior leadership! Each remote externship requires around a 10-15 hours per week commitment, but they provide class credit and possibly a stipend (depending on the company) after successfully completing the externship. Do one of Paragon One’s remote externships look like it could be the “one” for you? If so, make sure to apply and get ready to work with some of the top companies today!

Cost: free, and some externships even provide stipends!

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