Program Length: 18 weeks minimum

Location: Remote

Admissions Requirement: Age 15 or older. Experience in teaching English is preferred but not required.

Admissions Deadline: They have semesters and the deadline varies.

Highlight: Unleash the power of language to connect, explore, and transcend borders! Welcome to Paper Airplanes’ English Program, where education transcends mere lessons; it’s a cultural odyssey, a bridge between minds across the globe. Their Comprehensive General English Program, known as the One-on-One Program, isn’t just about mastering English skills; it’s a transformative experience. Imagine you become a personal tutor guiding others through speaking, listening, reading, and writing for 18 weeks. Paper Airplanes offers a four-level curriculum that aligns with CEFR guidelines, ensuring a personalized journey for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners and helping you become the very best tutor. Further, you can join dynamic group sessions where real-world topics come alive and engage in discussions, debates, and activities that enhance grammar and vocabulary skills. To become a tutor now, you must be 15 years or older, and having experience in teaching English is preferred. Become part of a community where language is not just a tool but a gateway to understanding, friendship, and a world without boundaries. Apply now to join this English program and soar with Paper Airplanes!

Cost: free

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