Program Length: 4-day summit

Location: Host city for the summit changes each year

Admissions Requirement:
• Applicants to the summit and for scholarships to the summit must be 18 to 30 years in age
• Open to students from all over the world
• Scholarships available from different companies for students in different countries looking to attend.

Admissions Deadline: Mid July

Highlight: Future on earth is constantly changing and is always questioned by all individuals. Considering that the students and young adults will make up 100% of our future it is important that their opinions and connections are prioritized in the present. That is why the One Young World Summit is the perfect youth summit that helps students challenge world leaders’ approaches and to give them the platform of opportunity. This youth summit brings in over 2000 students yearly for the competitions at a different host city each year; Munich in 2021, Manchester in 2022, Belfast in 2023, and Montreal in 2024! During this youth summit, students engage with world political, business, and humanitarian leaders like Paul Polman and Megan Markle, and can discuss a variety of issues through speeches, panels, networking events, and workshops. With the goal of celebrating youth leaders through social events in this youth summit, it also includes a fee for every student that includes full access to the Summit, catering during the Summit days, accommodation options, and ground transport between Summit venues. However, this youth summit also provides students the opportunity to apply for one of the many scholarships available to students from different areas of the world. So what are you waiting for? The power of the future is in the control of future youth leaders and innovators, and now is the time for them to ask questions and take action towards making the world a better place!

New delegates: £3,150-£4,210
Returning Ambassadors: £1,820-£2,880

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