Program Length: 9 months

Location:  In Quebec and New Brunswick for English speaking students. In other provinces for French speaking students .

Admissions Req: Applicants of this Official Languages of Canada program  must be Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents  who are proficient in English or French, and have completed at least one year of postsecondary education. English speaking candidates would be teaching English and  assigned in New Brunswick or Quebec, and French speaking candidates  would be teaching French and assigned in any of the other provinces.

Highlight:  Everyone uses language; it is a part of how we communicate with each other, whether it is through signals, sign language, or even different verbal languages! Foreign languages though can seem challenging to learn — especially when you’re not immersed in them with lots of chances to practice! Need a chance to practice? Or possibly you’re just looking for something interesting to do during a college or university gap year that could involve improving your foreign French or English  language skills — without requiring (currently banned) travel to foreign countries! The Government of Canada sponsors a foreign language program called the Odyssey Foreign Language Initiative where students will be able to travel to different provinces and immerse themselves  in their foreign language of English or French. In this foreign language program, students will work in their host communities helping younger students in the classroom. Need further inspiration? Earn while you learn! In this nine month foreign language program, you work with teachers in classrooms, help with activities, and make some money for helping! ($25,000 dollars, to be exact!).  Candidates also receive paid training 2-3 times/year! Teaching and working with students (especially in combination with learning or improving a foreign language) is a great community and career building experience for pretty much any postsecondary path!  Certainly worthy of consideration for any Gap year planning.

Financial: Free! ($25,000 paid work placement to cover living costs plus 2 round trip costs to the working province from the resident province)


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