Program Length:  1 day events held throughout the year. Dates may change annually

Location:  Established cleanups to join  in several areas.. Check their events…but the OCEANS BLUE PROJECT team will help you create one in your area, too!

Admissions Req:  Just sign up and go!

Highlight:  Planning to spend some time on the beach this summer or maybe over your next winter or summer holiday? Then attending an Ocean Blue Project beach cleanup event could fit right in with your plans. They’re all about improving urban water quality by reducing pollutants that enter the water, and establishing native plants to improve the survival rate of marine wildlife both in and around the water. Check out their list of upcoming events — directions to sign up are conveniently linked next to each event.  Maybe even think about joining with a group of friends! And if you think it’s a cool idea but don’t see anything set up where you are or will be, The Oceans Blue Project is ready to literally help you with everything you need to set up one of their events yourself! Plus — organize the event and get way more than just 1 day of volunteer hours 🙂

Financial:  Free

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