Program Length: Around a year

Location:New York University (NYU) School of Law

Admissions Requirement: 
• Current or rising high school student
• Interested in law
• Can reliably commute to NYU

Admissions Deadline: Unknown…just because it was not open at the time we wrote this up, but when the application is open they give details abouit the deadlines for closing

Highlight:Are you a current high school student who’s interested in studying law at one of the top universities in America? Then the New York University High School Law Institute (HSLI) could be what you’re looking for! This law program is led by current NYU law students who teach accepted students about constitutional law, criminal law, speech, and debate. Applicants need to be in/entering high school and have the ability to reliably commute to NYU every week for classes. In addition to regular classes, this law program typically hosts 2 events- college day and graduating. On college day, students and their families are invited to Columbia Law School and learn about the college admissions process and what daily life at law school is like. On graduation day, students participate in a mock trial in which they can win awards, receive certificates, and meet instructors from Columbia and New York University. In addition, students can receive credit (granted they have approval from their school) for participating in this law program. What are you waiting for? This law program is completely free to apply to and participate in, so make sure to learn more about it and apply today!

Cost: free!

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