Program Length: May 1st (8AM EST) – 2nd (9AM EST) 2021 -Orientation: April 30th (5PM EST)

Location: Fully Virtual Medical STEM Competition

Admissions Req: Any high school, undergraduate, or grad student in the world is eligible for this Medical STEM Competition… though high school students are given preference 🙂

Highlight: Are you a high schooler with passions in the field of STEM AND, more specifically the field of MEDICINE? If so, NologyHacks is the perfect STEM competition for you to explore your passions!  This STEM Competition allows high school students from all over the world, interested in the field of STEM to create technology geared towards healthcare. In this Medical/Healthcare related STEM competition, students will be placed in small groups with up to four people, to work on a project over the course of two days. During this time,  teams will create technology to assist in the fields of science and/or medicine. The majority of the time in this STEM competition will be devoted to demonstrating various prototypes produced by the students. Winners of this STEM competition will be rewarded up to $1300. There are a range of categories you may be nominated for in this STEM competition including Most Creative and Best Demo. Even though winning this Medical/Healthcare related STEM competition may seem important, this particular contest also emphasizes teamwork because the real world requires and relies on comprehensive cooperation among all participants and their individual talents. If this STEM Competition opportunity interests you, sign up today (maybe bring a friend!) and continue to gain experience and exposure in the massive world of STEM whilst exploring something you love!

Financial: …and, ofc…it’s free!

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