Program Length: Around eight weeks for the Summer Internship and the Fellowship and Business and Development program are probably around the same timing as well

Location: Varies, but the league in-person internships will take place in either New York or New Jersey. The Business and Basketball program, though takes place online

Admissions Requirement: 
• Either Undergrad or Graduate students — though this is not fir high school students per se, we thought that it might be something worthwhile for interested students to keep on their radar for the near future 🙂

Admissions Deadline:

  • Varies for the summer internships…
  • For the HBCU Fellowship, the application opens late January but it’s unclear when it closes.
  • For the Business and Development series, you just submit your info to apply anytime.

Highlight: Are you a major basketball fan! Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an employee for the NBA? If that’s the case, the NBA offers three unique opportunities to become an undergraduate or graduate summer intern. The first is the NBA Summer Intern Program, from early June to mid- August. This 10 week NBA program offers interns the opportunity to contribute to sports and entertainment organizations. Interns get the opportunity to work with and build relationships with other NBA employees. Managing relationships, developing marketing relationships with companies who work with the NBA are just a few of the responsibilities that come with being an intern. This NBA program offers interns the opportunity to enhance their skills in areas that include Communications, Risk Management, Technology, Partnerships, and more. As you might expect, this is an extremely competitive program – students who join must have great written and verbal communication skills along with excellent collaboration. But on the bright side, they also get paid a salary of $30-35 an hour…to work in basketball!. In addition to the summer internship, there is the HBCU fellowship program , which interested students  attending historically black colleges can apply to; this fellowship program exposes students to  corporate work, sales, and legal work at the league office. And there is even a third way to get involved online!  The Business and Basketball Program,  helps with understanding roles in the organization, networking through workshops,  and even provides mentorship, all online! So if learning about working in professional basketball is one of your a lifetime dreams, check out these internships! Yes, they may be competitive…. but…Take a shot… because as we all know from Michael Jordan, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

Cost: $0 – $4,500 USD (pro-rated depending on need)

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