Program Length:
Available year round
Internship / Volunteer Positions

  • During the operational summer season:
    Min stay: 3 months
    Preferred stay: 4-6 months
  • No specific start / end days for the busy summer season 

Location: Campbell Hills Guest Ranch, Cache Creek, British Columbia, Canada

Admissions Req:

  • Answer few Yes/No questions
  • Respond to the following short answer questions:

    • What’s the purpose of your journey?
    • Which goals (name at least 3) would you like to achieve during your journey?
    • List any relevant skills and/or experiences you have, which you feel would benefit our Guest Ranch.
  • Physical Requirements
    • Internship / Volunteer Horsemanship Positions
      • Working Holiday Visa Required
      • A bit of experience working around horses
      • 19 years old
      • non-smoker
      • be physically fit

Highlight: Calling all horse lovers! Would you like to volunteer and learn about natural horsemanship and ranching? How about all that, AND on a Guest Ranch in British Columbia? If this sounds like you, then this program is perfect! The Natural Horsemanship and Guestranch Work program from Campbell Hills Guest House provides many ranch volunteer internships and wrangler positions for you to learn about horsemanship and experience what it’s like to live on a ranch! This unique and free program involves working with horses and taking part in housekeeping, ranch chores, etc. Wranglers work from April-October and internship positions are available year around in 4-6 month increments. All it takes to enrol yourself in this horsemanship program is answering yes/ no and short questions, alongside fitting the physical requirements to apply to each horsemanship position. A bit of previous horse experience is necessary for safety purposes (but you don’t need to be a bonafide wranglers, or anything!). An intern must be at least 19 years old, physically fit, a nonsmoker, and must also possess a working holiday visa. If this horsemanship program has caught your eye, explore a bit more and ask more questions; once you’re clear it’s for you,  apply to start horsing around!

Financial: Free (just have to pay to travel there and back)


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